Breweries on Display: Think Safety


I had an interesting conversation with fellow colleagues the other day about safety compliance being on display at breweries.  Many breweries welcome the community into their facilities to educate folks about the operation and their products which is something you don’t see in other industries.  Some tap rooms are located in the middle of the facility or the brewery can be seen behind a clear wall, also as a form of making a connection with the community.  At the same time, breweries run the risk of being viewed by regulators at any given time.

Here are some compliance issues found at breweries and are very easy fixes:

Issue #1:   Cylinders are not properly chained and fire extinguisher is blocked.

Issue #2:  Far left spray bottle is not labeled.

IMG_3422.jpg     IMG_3512.jpg

Issue #3:  Fire extinguisher is blocked

Issue #4: Ensure proper stacking overhead (sorry for the headshot in the pic (:)




Breweries regardless of size need to be on top of safety more now than ever with their popularity.   The community connection is what I love about this industry and I never want that to go away.