5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Loss Control Specialist

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If you have not used a Loss Control Specialist from your insurance company, now is a great time to do so at your brewery.    Most workers’ compensation insurance policies “bake in” costs for a Loss Control Specialist (LCS) to come to your facility annually.  This person can audit your facility for safety issues, help troubleshoot safety problems, and review your safety programs.  The key to using these services is to be prepared and target your areas of concern.   Here are a few tips to get the most out of using your Loss Control Specialist:

Tip #1:  Document your list of questions and issues beforehand

The Loss Control Specialist has questions of their own that they are required to have answered when they arrive.  You may get so caught up in their agenda that you forget to ask your own questions.

Tip #2:  Prep with your LCS ahead of time and have operations ready to go to demonstrate any known issue

If any of your concerns require monitoring equipment, let your LCS know ahead of time.  Many times I would use my LCS for ventilation issues, so having them bring the right equipment like a velometer was helpful.

Tip #3: Ask what other industries are doing as a best practice

Your LCS has experience across a variety of operations and can usually share some creative solutions with you.

Tip #4:  Ask about OSHA trends and new regulations

The LCS should be educated in new regulations coming out that may impact your operations.

Tip #5:  Ask when your insurance policy will be up for renewal

Sometimes, when your policy is up for renewal, the insurance company may try to keep you as a happy customer by allowing the Loss Control Specialist to do extra monitoring or training.  It’s always great to ask.
Remember, your Loss Control Specialist is there to help guide you as a limited resource.  The insurance company provides a set amount of hours for you to utilize an LCS each year. The LCS is not meant to be your sole safety resource, but they definitely carry a wealth of information to help manage risk and improve safety at your brewery.